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10 Best plaid dresses

Plaid dresses are considered a classic all time favourite style and is one of the designs i adore when it comes to casual clothing. Lately, checkered design seem to have a modern twist taking over all the styles including office wear, evening gowns and many more.The history of plaids takes us to 1500s where the patterned fabric resembled tartan. And

80s Fashion Trends are Back with a Bang!

80s fashion trends are making a comeback in 2018 with a modern twist. 1980s became an era which left a fashion aftershock as 1980s birthed more fashion icons than any other decade. Fashion was all about excess, bright flashy colors and glamour. This decade was the most experimental period in style history and the clothes defined personalities. Ladies used to

80s inspired outfits- A modernized evening wear collection

In an age of excess, style reflected the zeitgeist perfectly. The 1980s left a fashion aftershock which will make you believe these 80s inspired outfits never left. So prepare to get on board with the retro revival. When it comes to ’80s fashion, we have a surprising amount to be thankful for. While the decade hasn’t influenced our wardrobes for


Fashion Trends Revealed

The how and why, it came about?

We have all been through the amorphous dread that transpires when we have just about exhausted every single piece of clothing we own, and can’t find that one outfit that makes our heart skip a beat (ok, maybe not so much, but still a feeling along those lines). And it was exactly these emotions which inspired us to get started on our very own webpage and blog, dedicated to all the latest revelations in the fashion trends world. Because we know that fashion and style are a vast subject that cannot be comprehended in just a few handsomely written words, or well-taken pictures. It’s about personal choices and preferences, which cannot be explained even if you spent your whole life writing about it.



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