80s Fashion Trends are Back with a Bang!

September 5, 2018
80s fashion trends

80s fashion trends are making a comeback in 2018 with a modern twist.

1980s became an era which left a fashion aftershock as 1980s birthed more fashion icons than any other decade. Fashion was all about excess, bright flashy colors and glamour. This decade was the most experimental period in style history and the clothes defined personalities. Ladies used to rock n roll in power suits during work hours, along with big shoulder pads and they glammed up for the night outs in sequins. The trend was to wear crazy and bold styles. 80s style of dance music and fashion got us still stuck in the era and will be in our hearts forever.

The styles of 80s wardrobe included neon, bold prints, strong shoulders, power suits, sequin, lace, velvet dresses, patchwork denims, ruffle blouses, cropped jeans, bomber jackets, off shoulder dresses, denim jackets, big sleeves, fishnets, and many more

1980, an era of sought after vintage is unique for its characteristics and lasting impact. Hence it is not a surprise that most of the current trends today are courtesy of the 80s. Those styles has come back into vogue in a toned -down version of the original but still being able to connect to 80s fashion trends providing its glam 80s looks the same way, but in our own style.

Lace attires

Lace attire is an ultra romantic, super feminine classic made of a delicate fabric using yarn or thread which was a stand out in 80s wardrobe and ever since..  Laces are of different types, needle lace, cutwork, bobbin lace, crocheted lace, knitted, chemical and many more.

Madonna, the most copied and sought after pop icon in 80s made a revolution in the fashion world with her look at MTV music video awards in 1984, performing “like a virgin”, and she has put lace on the map of 80s ladies fashion in a way the fashion world had never ever seen.

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how has this lace style come back this year with a modern spin?

The lace attires of our generation provides more of a plain but rich and elegant look, while still being able to connect to the 80s wardrobe.. of course without the fingerless lace gloves.

Lace is such a versatile style where we can still rock and roll in lace with an 80s look at our evening hangouts, casual meet ups and in formal events as well.

velvet dresses

Velvet, a material of nobility for its soft texture and glamorous looks had a huge moment in the 80s wardrobe.

Diana, Princess of Wales inspired many women to copy her elegant clothes, effortless style and of course her signature hair style. In 1985 Princess Diana wore an off shoulder mid night blue velvet evening gown named “Travolta Dress” to a gala dinner at the White House and that made velvet go viral in 80s ladies fashion.

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Velvet is hot this season!

Compared to 1980s fashion, Velvet seems to be having an even bigger moment now, continuing its reign into 2018 permeating the wardrobe of the most sought after celebrities.  It is not reserved for the fall anymore; you can wear it throughout the year with a modern update. Velvet is incorporated in everything from blouses as camis and neutral velvet blazers, stretch velvet slip dresses to shoes and handbags. The soft drape, durability and the natural sheen of the material has made velvet popular once again this year, as an 80s look inspired outfit.

Sequins and Shine

1980s was a decade of glamour and decadence and glitzy sequins were a staple of the decade.  In the 80s fashion trends, there were enough sparkles and shimmery fabrics to go around. Sequins were a style of evening looks back in 80swardrobe.

Princess Diana wore a sequined Catherine Walker evening dress in 1989 and we have to admit  that it was stunning and is able to still fit in to our latest sequin trends.

Diana Ross, an American singer, actress, a fashion icon, made sequins a trend via her luxurious sequin wrap dress with fur lined sleeves in “Pieces of ice” video 1983 and her sparkly gown at the 57th Annual Academy Awards.

These fashion icons made sequins a must have in 80s wardrobe.

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Sparkly looks of the 80s lost their shine during the grungy 90s, However, the modern spin on sequins has made it a unique and eye catching day time look where rather than going full glam with sequins, a more subtle approach can be seen paired with casual sneakers or a lose overcoat.  So this year, sequins are back with a spin to show off 80s fashion trends and hopefully would stay for a while.

Off-The-Shoulder style

Goldie Hawn an American actress, one of the most lovable female comedians of all times and an occasional singer is reputed for her love for the off the shoulder silhouette and she definitely knew how to do it right. However, off-the-shoulder looks were everywhere in the 80s ladies fashion. Jennifer Beals’s sweatshirt in “Flash dance” in 1983 was a standout and Princess Diana also wore a few influential off-the-shoulder gowns to various events. Hence this style was loved back then for its sexy and feminine looks and the style has been embraced by women of all ages and figures for decades.

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Off-the-shoulder looks are no longer just for fancy events and has taken over every other kind of outfit out there.  Off-the-shoulder style is trendy for  both day and night, and many off-the-shoulder looks are incorporated with ruffles, another staple of 80s look. Since its debut, the off shoulder style has evolved from straight across style to one shoulder, asymmetrical and cut out that are just as stylish as the original. My personal favorite 80s style fashion come back is the off shoulders specially short floral off shoulder dresses paired with sandals for this summer. Wouldn’t mind an asymmetric glam top with jeans for the night out as well.  Off shoulders, a must in 80s look aren’t ever gonna be out of style if you know how to do it right.

Big Sleeves

Was there anything small in the 80s wardrobe? The sleeves sure weren’t small in 80s fashion trends. Puffed sleeves was really common in 80s wardrobe and was it bad? Nope. not really. The style was loved for its flattering, feminine, waist-whittling and sassy looks giving a Victorian flair to the outfit.

Princess Diana’s wedding dress was considered the “most closely guarded secret in fashion history” which was a complete mystery until its dramatic unveiling and the dress was embroidered with sequins, frilled lace and 10,000 pearls and of course the super inflated sleeves stood out. This Royal event in 1981 brought the allure of the puff home which has sparked multiple copycat dresses over the years and remains the most coveted royal gowns making big sleeves a staple in 80s fashion trends..

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Few of the most popular brands have embraced ballooning sleeves for the spring 2018 which makes us think we can actually pull it off without looking like you are going to a costume party, if you do it right.

Bell sleeves surprisingly are in trend right now, and it is all about unexpected combinations this time around, where the puffy bold shoulders are paired with casual denims and the dresses are also in the form of casual mega mix. There have been a few signs indicative of puffy-sleeve looks coming back in style this year where the designers have embraced the spirit of the decade rather than head to toe style clues and is gonna feel very modern indeed, but my personal opinion is that those are better left in the 80s.

Ruffle Blouses

Ruffles has a long and sometimes a checkered history but were no exception when it comes to 80s fashion trends and was big in size and popularity in the 80s look. Ruffle style was once worn by the royalty and revolutionaries of both sexes to show off strength and exceptional power. The style  was not my favourite for ruffles in 80s was down the front of the blouses and I think it made them look like they belonged on a pirate instead.

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I have to say even though I was not a fan of ruffles in 80 ladies fashion, I love the modern spin on it. Southern women have always loved ruffles, and the association between frills and girlishness is relatively modern. So it’s convenient that they’re back in style, although in a more subtle way than in the 80s.The modern ruffles, whether they are with layering frills on chiffon dresses or carefully structuring ultra modern hem lines, the demand for the ruffles seem to reignite, decorating necklines, skirts, blouses and even jackets. There is a ruffled look for everyone , You could wear a frilled off shoulder top or a ruffled front top paired with simple jeans or can go for a delicately layered feminine dress. Its up to you to grab the essence of the style and chose what is exactly right for you. Ruffles I think is a style which if done right can rock and roll in a retro but glam and unique looks. My personal favorite ruffle style is the ruffled peplum top paired with jeans for an evening meet up. Ready to embrace the frilled life? Be wise .

Oversized blazers with shoulder pads

In the 80s wardrobe, shoulder pads were substantial and the colors were loud. Blazers were boxy and big making the girls look broader, more large and in charge indicating her worth in the boardroom and was a way of saying “I belong here”

Jackie O – Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, one of the most famous first ladies in the history is undeniably one of the greatest style icons of 80s fashion trends who inspired millions with her chic wardrobe and effortless style. Her signature styles included pillbox hats, oversize sunglasses, headscarves, and many more. But the structured shoulders were a style to remember.

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In 2018 blazers are worn without appearing ready for a battle. The modern twist is to wear the 80s power looks in any time of the year with unexpected pairings like shoulder pads with stirrup pants and sneakers. Dries Van Noten featured shoulder pads in the Women’s 2018 spring/summer ready to wear collection fashion show in paris giving us clues that shoulder pads are back. So why not giving it a try with a bit more less prominent structured shoulders which would provide you the boss looks yet in a refined form rocking you in 80s look.

Monochrome Power Suits

1980s was the era where power dressing hit full throttle. Women haven’t been wearing power suits for a very long time in the fashion history, and the 1980s was the age of the “power suit” for working women. Thanks to Giorgio Armani who introduced new elegant suit cuts in beautiful, masculine fabrics for women. He managed to revolutionize women’s fashion, specially for the career girls which became the gold slandered those days. Ralph Lauren and Anne Klein also contributed to this style in the era.

The power dressing in 1980s had its symbols in public figures like Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana. And we must not forget that television shows in 1980s like “Dallas” and “Dynasty”, films like “working girl” and “The iron lady” contributed the style of power suits in 1980s fashion trends.

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As women become more increasingly empowered, the power suits have evolved and shifted over the last decade and women’s suits in 2018 is back with a modern spin as far as we consider the fit, but monochrome styles still work, even in the brightest colors. Women are in look for the clothing style which expresses their confidence and the power suit is still as bold as it was in the 80s and may just be as cool as the women who wore it while embracing traditionally feminine trends like florals, bold colours and curvaceous suiting with a modern take on it.

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets, with a history of more than 130 odd years played a big role in 80s look and was a staple in 80s wardrobe. The first denim jacket was created by Levi Strauss, the founder of Levi’s and we definitely owe him so much for that.  Jean jackets were worn by pretty much everyone in 1980s, from celebrities to students with their own spin on it. The 1980s singers like Madonna and Bruce Springsteen rocked the style of all American jacket in MTV videos which made the denim jackets a must have in the era. The style was famous for its fashionable looks which was never out of style, looking good in any size, being able to show off the personalized style, wearability during all seasons and its durability.

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The re-emergence of the jean jacket is hitting the fashion world hard and strong, even after so many years, nothing does the trick better than a classic jean jacket when it comes to looking cool. Denim jackets were considered perfect for chilly Southern days and nights when you just need something over your shoulders but v have passed that stage now as denim jackets is such a versatile style and they go with just about anything, paired with maxis, leggings, black jeans, color pants or a mid length dress for any occasion So this is a trend we’re happy to have back and will continue to evolve with its beautiful simplicity.

patchwork denims

Patchworks were once used to cover holes caused by wear and tear which represented a jean that’s lived in and loved but later it became a trend to wear denims which were matched and patched with different colors. 1980s were quite a time for denim and hand embroidery, paintings, appliqués, embellishments and specially patching added colors and visual interest to denims.

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2018 is the year to get creative with denim and patch works and it seem to be making its way into the modern styles paired with solid colors and the jeans with embroidered floral patterns and patches are back in, specially for fall.

Call me boring, but I am not a fan of patch worked denim jeans or jackets. My personal preference for a modern spin for patchwork denims would be a denim dress or a denim tank top patched with different shades of denims or embroidered, which I think is a decent and elegant way of showing off your retro style of 80s look.

Cropped Jeans

When it comes to 80s fashion trends, cropped jeans with a cuff were also known as “pegged” jeans, but only when you achieved the perfect tight cuff. It was more of a casual wear fashion to pair up a cropped or “pegged” jean with a baggy t shirt tucked in and casual sneakers for your convenience. And I do actually prefer that style even today for it’s easy to wear all day and comfy.

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Although jeans with a traditional cuff are still in fashion, emerging styles of cropped jeans are hemmed and some end in raw, frayed edges. And the cropped jeans paired with high heels would now make u look fab even in a glamorous event if u pair it up with an elegant sparkly top. If you want to be both elegant and comfortable for your night out, I think this would be the perfect style rather than being stuck in a heavy and tight frock.

Athletic Attire

In 1982, Actress Jane Fonda released her first aerobics home workout video, and the concept of exercise and the fashion involved changed forever.  Leotard played a big part in aerobics when it comes to the iconic women workout look in 80s fashion trends. A sports bra matched with a spandex pant along with a high cut brief was also a trend those days which I personally hate. Head bands and scrunchy socks added to the looks but the biggest revolution was the neon colors. Neon played a big role in 80s look and ever since particularly in athletic attires.

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The modern athletic attire is much more advanced and refined, but legging styles that became popular in the 80s wardrobe are back in, especially high-waist looks. It’s a relief that the leg warmers stayed in the 80s, and leotards are back only for the dancers and gymnasts again. To look sporty in 2018 with an 80s touch would be simply to match a sports bra and a legging with a neon strip and a high pony tail, I mean that’s how I would prefer to rock the style 😉

Irrespective of whether u are a fan of 80s fashion trends or hate it, I hope you enjoyed our nostalgic trip down 1980s fashion memory lane and that you would like our selection of unique styles which we have personally picked to have a modern spin on 80s inspired outfits. So let’s get scrolling.  We have got a separate section on 80s fashion trends for you to get lost in the world of 80s wardrobe.

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