Fashion styling tips and tricks to sort out your wardrobe conundrums

Personal style is a difficult concept to grasp by a long stretch. Because most of us don’t know what it actually entails and how we should start going about building up our very own style statement. And when you do end up doing your research on it, you are left with your head spinning, because there are so many experts

Fashion trends revealed! The how and why, it came about?

Its mayhem out there in the world of Twitter and the ‘Gram. Because social media has taken the world of fashion by storm, and there is just no getting out of it, at least in the foreseeable future! So the story goes, what if you are a group of twenty something fashion enthusiasts who want to share their ideas, their

plaid dresses

Plaid dresses are considered a classic all time favourite style and is one of the designs i adore when it comes to casual clothing. Lately, checkered design seem to have a modern twist taking over all the styles including office wear, evening gowns and many more.The history of plaids takes us to 1500s where the patterned fabric resembled tartan. And

80s fashion trends

80s fashion trends are making a comeback in 2018 with a modern twist. 1980s became an era which left a fashion aftershock as 1980s birthed more fashion icons than any other decade. Fashion was all about excess, bright flashy colors and glamour. This decade was the most experimental period in style history and the clothes defined personalities. Ladies used to

80s inspired outfits

In an age of excess, style reflected the zeitgeist perfectly. The 1980s left a fashion aftershock which will make you believe these 80s inspired outfits never left. So prepare to get on board with the retro revival. When it comes to ’80s fashion, we have a surprising amount to be thankful for. While the decade hasn’t influenced our wardrobes for

Welcome the fashion trends of the spring time by baring a little skin. And what better way to show off your awesome sun-kissed skin than an off the shoulder top? It’s time to pack away that parka, strip off those wool tights, and give in to the power that is the warm weather season. The silhouette is seemingly everywhere, and

Womens shirts & tops for a breezy wardrobe upgrade in best summer prints

What to wear this summer? Is a current question that gives no rest to stylish people and fashion freaks all around the world. Unlike previous complicated dresses, summer is all about comfortable shirts & tops matching to the heat. If you have not updated your wardrobe yet, it’s high time for some next-season wardrobe plotting. Let’s face it, it’s never

A return to the exuberance and uniqueness of 80s style with a flare on girl!!

For a while, we were certain that the wide legged trousers would never see the light of day. But lately we’ve been seeing a handful of celebrities in bell-bottom jeans that have us reconsidering the 80s style fashion trends. So if you have ever thought the flare style never left, prepare to get on board with the retro revival. The key

Formal dresses for office wear- An entrepreneurial spirit with a stylish spin

These five elegant formal office wear of black and blue shades will be the best to fit in your office wardrobe. They are decent, fit in the office environment and comfortable to the body with the quality materials in each dress. The colour combination of these selected dresses make it possible to wear the dresses not only to work. But

Best of Fit and Flare Suede Dresses

These five stunning Best of Fit and Flare suede dresses of earth colours would be your perfect match for the season. Suede material is something I adore when it comes to simple but classy and elegant looks. The beauty of the material adds up to a glamorous outfit where you don’t need to pair it up with loads of accessories

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