Fashion trends revealed! The how and why, it came about?

April 30, 2018
Fashion trends revealed! The how and why, it came about?

Its mayhem out there in the world of Twitter and the ‘Gram. Because social media has taken the world of fashion by storm, and there is just no getting out of it, at least in the foreseeable future! So the story goes, what if you are a group of twenty something fashion enthusiasts who want to share their ideas, their love and passion for the art of styling oneself, with the rest of the world? It’s basically what everyone is doing, during every waking second of the day, around the world, with the ever so famous #OOTD. How are we any different, and how are we going bring a smile on the faces of those who visit our page?

Hands up, those of us who have thought that going down the dark and never ending road of Instagram is going to solve our wardrobe nightmares in a jiffy? Yep, definitely guilty on that point. And we surface, about two days (obviously an exaggeration :p), and a gazillion photographs later, to find that we are no closer to the answer than when we started off. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, done that! And we can’t blame ourselves, cuz this is just how we roll with fashion trends in the 21st century!

We have all been through the amorphous dread that transpires when we have just about exhausted every single piece of clothing we own, and can’t find that one outfit that makes our heart skip a beat (ok, maybe not so much, but still a feeling along those lines). And it was exactly these emotions which inspired us to get started on our very own webpage and blog, dedicated to all the latest revelations in the fashion world. Because we know that fashion and style are a vast subject that cannot be comprehended in just a few handsomely written words, or well-taken pictures. It’s about personal choices and preferences, which cannot be explained even if you spent your whole life writing about it. It’s inspired by your cultural and religious backgrounds. It’s about being original, unique, staying true to yourself, and announcing to the world who you really are (Ok, so we know that most of you will actually be rolling your eyes at us, right at this very moment, because the above written statements were so clichéd, and you probably have heard it a million times before). But that’s actually the bitter truth of it.

So, although it might be a hard pill to swallow, YOU’VE JUST GOT TO ADMIT IT. Your clothes do actually speak volumes about you. And even though you might be kidding yourself, telling people that you actually don’t care about how you look, there is always that tiny little voice inside your head who keeps on contradicting. And you find that you just can’t swat her away! Until one day the whispers fail to surface, and realization hits you, ‘’ta-dah, you’ve actually got your outfit bang-on’’!

Because there is absolutely no better feeling than getting your outfit spot on, looking flattering and telling the world that you are ready to do business. But, but, but………the question to answer is, will the clothes that look good on me look equally good on someone else? Will someone else carry this look, better off than me? Well, you’re never going to know is it? Because no one is going to copy the exact same look (let’s get this clear, we have nothing against twinning, but still……we like to be practical).

So, finally it dawned on us, that you just can’t tell someone they would love a particular crop top, or that they will not be able to take their eyes off an evening gown, because who knows what their individual preferences are. So we decided, you can only reveal to them the treasures of the fashion world, give them access to all the latest trends, and let them decide for themselves. Because we firmly believe making your own choices, is what’s going to end up giving you that ‘’oh-so amazing’’ feeling of self-satisfaction. Our collection includes a plethora of styles, which caters to different people and personalities. Because that’s exactly who we are and we understand that there is no right way of critiquing fashion. You just have to let people be free spirited and wear what they want. Because it doesn’t actually matter whether someone dresses in a manner that you think doesn’t actually blend in, you just have to let them embark on a fashion trend that appeals to them.

And what we have on offer here at is the perfect blend of comfort and glamour all nicely wrapped up in one neat package. Flick through our array of clothing to find that outfit which makes your eyes light up. From comfy jeans and refined tees, to alluringly tailored dresses and gowns, we hope to wash away all your wardrobe blues!

We are guessing we have said just enough to pique your curiosity, so LET’S GET CLICKING! And hope you find what you are looking for! Cheers!

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